Action Plan

The organization will engage in the promotion of good governance and democracy as well as citizen participation in political leadership in a nonpartisan approach; particularly promoting women's leadership. The promotion of good governance will be championed beyond state institutions but also focusing on the empowerment of women organizations to champion – in sustainable terms- their organizations. They will engage in adult literacy and life-skills programs that will support the economic empowerment and also foster the accountability within their organizations. Part of promoting the development of children will be key in the sustainable advancement of the Gambia. Building the foundation for a more educated and empowered society begins at investment in children. The organization will focus on advocacy for effective school reform based on active student engagement in their schools and communities. It will also invest in the development of early childhood development centers in mostly rural communities in the Senegambia region. Access to clean and portable drinking water is a growing concern for Gambian women. With the drudgery of work and fetching of clean water from distance; coupled with domestic violence, women continue to suffer with their patriarchal societies. They remain vulnerable to various hazards in their daily struggles. The organization will focus on the provision of close-to-home well and borehole systems that will provide portable, safe drinking water for them and their children and families. This is also to support young teenager protect themselves from rape due to the long distances they have to trek to access clean drinking water. It will also be an opportunity for young teenager to have access to water for their personal health and hygiene. To strengthen these communities, the organization will conduct training and sensitization on safe water management and efficient management of water resources for sustainability. This is embedded in the belief that water is an important resource for nutrition, sanitation and Agriculture. The organization intends to eradicate water crisis in ten years by building as many as one thousand wells.

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