Board of Directors

  Ms. TUKU JALLOW: Executive Director Senegambia Democracy and Governance Organization (SENDGO), and the Vice Chairperson of the Gambia Consultative Council, (GCC) Women Affair's Coordinator.
  MR. ASSAN MARTIN: He is a renounced Gambian human rights lawyer resident in New York. Mr. Martin have engaged in promoting human rights in the Gambia, and he have represented several human rights defenders against the government. He have also advocated in children and women rights in the Gambia in the last decade.
  DR. MOMODOU L. SEDAT JOBE: A former UNESCO Director General for 17 years and a former foreign minister of The Gambia from 1998 to 2001. He now lives in self- As a partner to the chief executive officer (CEO) and other board members, the Board Chairman will provide leadership to other organizations nonprofit as it transitions from a newly formed organization into a sustainable national entity. The Board Chairman will support and sustain the work of other NGOs and provide governance leadership and strategic fundraising support. Specific responsibilities included.
  RAMZIA DIAB: She has worked as an air hostess for over twenty years. Expert in recruiting and training Cabin Crew was a member of parliament and involved in various community work the Secretary themselves will carry out all these duties and may also take a greater role in the day-to-day administration of the organization. This Secretary General is responsible for secretarial tasks (e.g. a Minutes Secretary, Correspondence Secretary and Membership Secretary). Other delegates some of the administrative responsibilities to volunteers outside of the management committee to reduce the burden.
  IMAM BAAB MOUCTARR LEIGH: Religious leader and a founder of Imam Baba Leigh foundation for peace and human right at GAMCOTRP, Uganda Civic & Social Organization activist, currently residing in the US on a political Asylum from the Gambia since 2013. Imam Leigh who is also an executive member of GAMCOTRAP, an organization that is involved in enlightening and putting a stop to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) maintains that the practice does not have any root from Islam, rather it hails from "jealousy" among women in polygamous marriages during the dark (Jaha leeya) period.
  MUSTAPHA E. JOBARTEH: Graduated from Salisbury University on Marketing and Finance Management. In charged of the funds and report to the Chairman and other committee members, clarifying financial implications of proposals; confirming legal requirements; outlining the current financial status; and retrieving relevant documentation.
  SEYBTOU SOWE: Serve as a resource and coordinate advocacy for regarding Women's Affair's issues on for their welfare and wellbeing and to help women know their rights. Summary of key functions: Under the overall supervision of the Director General of SENDGO and the Women the Project social coordinator will be responsible for coordination and management.
  SULAYMAN JULES DIOP: He is an IT Information Technology Specialist Video grapher editor.
  MR. SARJO BAYANG: Chief Enterprise Development Consultant Bayang Enterprise Development Solutions Provision of Enterprise Development support for advancement of Small and Medium Enterprises with computer aided facilities for network security and market expansion, feasibility studies, strategic planning, and financial advisory services.
    MR. AMAT FOON: Youth Coordinator on the ground of the Senegambia region. To assess the program requirements of youth in the community and to communicate with the youths to determine their needs and interests, Communicate with organizations that represent youth. To determine needs and interests of youth, research funding sources and project requirements, access funding and for prepare funding proposals ensure a variety of sport, Civic awareness sanitization, recreation activities, cultural and other programs are planned and implemented. Ensured program information is available & developed for youth organizations to encourage existing organizations to include youth for evaluating the effectiveness of programs. Identify areas where new programs are needed. Schedule activities, facilities and volunteers as required.
    INA SCHOTT:  Executive Member in Germany. Human rights and democracy are fundamental basics for every society. In my work as a professor, in a school with an extremely high rate of immigrants I focus on these themes whenever possible. Having lived and worked for several years in Portugal and the Netherlands I got in touch with people from all over the world. I'm convinced that empowerment of women and education are the key to peace and development.

LANGUAGES: German, French, Portuguese, English, Dutch, Basic knowledge in Spanish and Italian.
    Ms. RAMOU LOWE the Fundraiser Coordinator (DENMARK):  Organizes activities to raise funds or otherwise solicits and gathers monetary donations and other gifts for the organization.
She also designs and creates promotional materials. Conducts awareness programs for the organization's work, goals, and financial needs.

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