Preventing FGM

FGM is a harmful tradition that is widely practiced in Africa and in Senegambia region too.   

Today when  world is all set to take all  ongoing Women  Empowerment programs to the next level,  FGM can no longer be justified and defended on the grounds that it is a custom within culture.

There are no grounds on which this issue can be left unattended to continue at its normal pace and grow over a period of time. Certainly, a break has to be put on this tradition by the concerned influential educated people of the world and ultimately evil eradicated from the earth.

Senegambia Democracy and Governance Organization (SENDGO) has FGM issue on its priority list and is set to fight against it, a long term war to uproot it from the society and make the  countries safe place to live for females. 

All females deserve the right to be owner of their own body and use it as they want. 

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