Management Plan

This strategic plan will be reviewed quarterly as a guiding tool for the achievement of set objectives.

The organization will work with partners to channel interventions in the Gambia. These institutions will support in the empowerment of local communities, mobilize institutions, individuals and local groups in civic education and democratic awareness, political empowerment and leadership.

The Senegambia Democratic and Governance headquarters located in Maryland, United States will manage and coordinate interventions in the Gambia and Senegal as the administrative headquarters.

The organization will identify and work with groups and communities to lead the change process whether dealing with health care, civic education, adult literacy or early childhood development. One local partner will be identified in both The Gambia and Senegal as an affiliate through which our interventions will be channeled in the first year prior to the establishment of a local office in both countries. This model will be applied pending on an institutional assessment of the various potential partners.

The administrative office will coordinate communication and intervention between SENDGO and affiliates, partners and beneficiaries. The Executive Director will provide feedback to the board, volunteers on progress registered through quarterly reports.

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