SWOT Analysis

  1. Unique name
  2. Incorporated
  3. Committed and focused Leadership with good technical capacity
  4. Good public image
  5. Potential volunteer base
  6. Good knowledge of grassroots development needs
  7. Understanding of democratic trends
  8. Strong international connection and relations
  9. Access to the international media
  1. New / forming stage
  2. Limited or no financial and material resources.
  3. No Office space or equipment
  4. Lack of funds to hire staff
  5. No website


Create public awareness about name and identity, strengthen media relationship.


Identify partners and funding institutions Develop fund raising strategy

  1. Support of families and women affected.
  2. Support from the Gambian and International community for democratic transformation in the Gambia
  3. Existence of committed volunteers
  4. Existence of potential local and international partners
  1. Limited funding ceiling on education
  2. Lack of government investment in rural early childhood education
  3. Hostile political environment
  4. Lack of respect for human rights in beneficiary country (The Gambia)


Work closely with potential partners to engage with grassroots communities and civil society organizations


Strengthen local partners on the ground Work more closely with civil society institutions

Raise funds for intervention

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